Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Quitting a job in today's economy?!?! Just ludacris!!!

I quit my accounting job of two years just this morning! I worked so hard to get my Associate's degree and did very well! I graduated with honors the summer that the economy took a nose dive! I was so proud of myself for going back to school and doing so well and then I wind up in a position where I was hired in as the Accountant's assistant and after one year was slowly turned into an Inventory Clerk! At least my boss had the nerve to tell me up front that he was seeing me gong in that direction more than the accounting work! Well it all has been downhill ever since! I loved the accounting work but once I started being taken off of that type of work I began to get down about the job! I have been searching for about 7 months now for another position but it's really hard in today's economy to get a good accounting job with only one years experience (would be two by now if I actually would have been kept on the same things)! You can only take so much of being unhappy in one part of your life before it takes cntrol of the other parts. When my job started affecting my marriage and other personal realtionships I knew I had to take a drastic measure! My wondeful husband told me to just get out and do what makes you happy!!! Who could ask for a more supportive spouse?!?! No more stress and no more resentment of not being in the field that I studied so hard for! Life is good! So I plan on finding some parttime work, hopefully workng with elderly people or somethng along those lines, best next passion behind accounting! When God presents me with my dream job then I will take it and be thankful! Now I am thankful for my husband and his support!!!

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